Koh Tao, Thailand 2011

I’m a pro at limbo.

I have an abnormally hypermobile spine and fairly strong legs which allow me to extend back into creepy, Cirque de Soleil like proportions.

In the figurative sense, I realize I live much of my being in a constant state of in between. On the fence-ness. Waiting. Slightly idle. Playing a nonchalant balancing game on the line. Waiting for other people, circumstances or something other than myself to dictate direction, choice and change in my life.

Existing. Existing safely in the line of non-committal in between. Never choosing a clear camp, direction or intention.

Afraid to create, or afraid to choose the wrong camp? Afraid to choose a direction, and then have to go back to the line if it doesn’t turn out? Afraid to commit to something larger than myself, for fear of letting down someone larger than myself?

Or just afraid.




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