Running is freedom.

Running is meditation in motion.

Running is the most dynamic form of yoga.


Running makes time stop.

Cause when you’re running, the only time is now.


Running is the best way to start a morning.

To get up early and watch the sun rise, to make your way through a sleeping city and enjoy the peaceful sound of silence. To savour in the stillness of dawn, the calm and tranquility. Settling in to the rhythm of your breath.


Running is a way to push your body.

To challenge yourself. You can always run faster.


Running is the best way to get lost in the music.


Running is there when you are scared, scared of staying still.

Running is there to help you feel like you are in control of something, and to forget about all those things you can’t control.


Running is there when you are angry or upset.

Running is a coping mechanism. A way to de-stress.

Running is there to help you just forget everything and let go.


Running is therapy. It is calming and comforting.

Running always listens.


Running is there when you feel like your heart has been broken.

When you can’t stop crying, so you run – and just keep on running and running.                       And probably you’re still crying, but at least you’re running, moving. And that’s better.


Running is a sanctuary. A haven.

A safe place you can always go to.


Running is there to make you feel less gross when you’ve been on a bad junk food binger of 8 ice cream sandwiches, 14 granola bars and possibly ¾ of an apple pie the night before.


Running is routine. A habit.

It is familiar and reassuring.


Running is an old friend you can (and do) keep going back to.

This friend may change from time to time, but never in any of the important ways.


Running is something you try to do when you are sick, just cause

It makes you feel less sick that you are doing something ‘normal’.

Running is unfortunately not an option when you are hooked up to the drip, getting treated for various foreign illnesses.


Running is gratitude.


Running is a privilege.

Running is, inherently as most of a know it, a very ‘western’ activity. If you ever run in the East, you will learn very quickly that we are very privileged to run in the way that we do.


Running is the best way to explore a new city or country.

Running is the most genuine way to discover the beautiful, lush rice paddies of Indonesia, the bustling morning markets and winding cobblestone alleys of Portugal – or the vast, breathtaking mountains of the Himalayas.

(Depending on what altitude you are in the Himalayas, running is also an effective way to quite literally take your breath away and give you altitude sickness.)

Running is a good way to get yourself accidentally arrested for trespassing, by running through apparently private airport grounds in Panama.


Running in India is by far the best way to get to know that colourful mistress.

Running through the desert sand dunes of the Atlas mountains of southern India is a good way to get yourself lost, and inadvertently cross the Pakistan border unknowingly. (Sand dunes are not good running route markers.)

Running in the hectic streets of Jaipur is a good way to get yourself run over by a bus or a camel.

Running in Delhi could possibly be a good way to get yourself killed.


Running while taking part in a meditation retreat or ashram may not be an entirely virtuous thing to do if you have said that you will abide the rules of staying within the retreat grounds for the duration of your spiritual stay. But you snuck out and went for a run anyways.


Running is one of the best things to do in Vancouver.

To breathe in the freshest air in the world, take in the beautiful green mountains, winding creeks and forested trails of the place we are lucky enough to call our back yard.


Running is JOY.

Running is happiness, energy and life in motion.


Running is the best high there is.


Running is acceptance.

Running does not discriminate.

All genders, ethnicities and anyone of any age can run.


Running is simple.

If you have legs, you can run.


Running is community.

Although I personally prefer to run alone, the fact that other people out there can quite possibly relate to some of the things I am saying is connection. Running does not exclude.


Running calms the mind.

Running is blissful. Running is present.


Running is being.


Running is body, mind and spirit in harmony.

Running is the best way to feel your breath.


Running is moving.

Running is limitless.


Running is freedom. Running is a choice.

Running reminds us we’re alive.


Dedicated to my sister, Melissa.



Originally published on Elephant Journal.

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